The Complete Assisted Living Start up guide is 126 pages of detailed information on how to start an assisted living home. The guide provides up to date information on the following topics: Assisted Living industry overview, the future of Assisted Living industry, Assisted Living Services, Profile of the assisted living resident, different States perception of the Assisted Living industry, The future of the Assisted Living Industry, Providing services for seniors with various income range, Assisted Living management and staff, Business plan for Assisted Living, Developing an effective Mission statement, advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a facility, Market Research and Feasibility study of the Assisted Living Industry, Business structures of Assisted Living facilities, Business Licenses and permits needed by an Assisted Living facility Assisted Living Building and Design/ Square footage

  • Designing an Alzheimer's building
  • Finance programs and regulations
  • Government grants and loans
    • HUD Partnership
    • How to Secure FHA-Insured Loans M.A.P Processing
    • List of other government loans and programs
  • Private Lenders and Investors for Assisted Living Facilities

Strategic Location of your Assisted Living Residence, FHA Housing, Naming your Assisted Living Residence for success, Marketing cost, List of state and national Assisted Living Suppliers, Leads and Referral generation cost, Assisted Living Agencies, Accreditation Overview for Assisted Living Facilities and much more.

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The Assisted Living Policies and Procedures Manual provides over 550 pages of detailed policies for all assisted living management and operations. The manual complies with the most stringent state assisted living regulations. This manual will save months of time and money for you compared to writing an assisted living policies and procedures manual yourself. The manual is conveniently writtenin Word format with blank spaces for you to enter your company name, logo and other basic information. The manual is organized by operational areas within the care facility including Administration and management, Admissions, Residents Profile, Management, Marketing and Advertising Resident Services, Risk Management, Environmental Services, Food Services Policies, Activity & Volunteer Program: Resident Services, Residents Rights, Managed Risk, Personal Care, Health Services, Infection Control Policy and Procedure Emergency & Disasters, Accounting & Booking Practices, Human Resource basics, Personnel, Staffing Employee Handbook, Personnel Policies, Regulatory Overview and Compliance, Documentation Tools and forms. See content detail.



Administrative Documentation Form Employment Application form Pre-Employment Inquiry Guidelines Background Check Release form Employment Reference Release form Sample Reference question Inappropriate Interview Questions Drug Testing Consent Form Authorized Payroll Deduction Employee Handbook COBRA Election/Waiver Form Employee Expense Report Employee In-service Log Hepatitis Vaccination Form Tuberculosis testing consent form New Employee Orientation Checklist Payroll Summary Sheet Performance Evaluation form: Disciplinary Action Form Suspension w/o pay form Employee Feedback for Performance Performance Evaluation Employment termination Job Descriptions: Chief Executive Officer Administrator Assistant Administrator Administrator in Charge Personal Care Aide Supervisor Personal Care Aide Medication Aide Activity Coordinator Dietary Manager Cook/Kitchen Staff Dishwasher Housekeeper Maintenance Director Business Office Manager Nurse Personal Care Aide Van Driver


Employee Welcome Message Introductory Statement Purpose statement Attitude and Professional Demeanor Residents Bill of Rights Employee Acknowledgment Form Nature of Employment Equal Employment Opportunity Hiring of Relatives Employee Medical Examinations Immigration Law Compliance Outside Employment Job conflict Employment Categories Access to Personnel Files Employment Reference Checks Personnel Data Changes Probationary Period Employment Applications Performance Evaluation Personal Health Requirements Vacation Benefits Parking Workers' Compensation Insurance Sick Leave Benefits/Administrative Grievance Procedures Bereavement Leave Jury Duty Sick Leave/Hourly Employees Modified Duty Timekeeping Paydays Employment Termination Administrative Pay Corrections Pay Deductions & Setoffs Safety Instructions for Fire Safety Work Schedules Use of Phone & Mail Systems Smoking Rest & Meals Periods Overtime Employee Suggestions Policy for Purchasing Supplies and Equipment Personal Belongings Packages Interpretation Use of Equipment & Vehicles Visitors in the Workplace Harassment Policy Medical Leave Family and Medical Leave (FMLA Leave) Policy Military Leave Pregnancy-Related Absences Employee Conduct & Work Rules Drug & Alcohol Use Attendance & Punctuality Behavior Personal Appearance Name Tags Resignation Solicitation Courtesy Confidentiality Warning Notice Gratuities Drug Testing
Staff training on resident rights Professional boundaries for caregivers RECORD KEEPING POLICIES: Employee records Employee health records Employee certifications and credentials Employee Screening records


Generating leads and referrals Leads and referrals documentation Relationship selling Building Community Special events planning Effective marketing for Assisted Living Marketing information Marketing / sales report Marketing plans General Telephone and in-person etiquette Telephone inquiries Community tours Financial assistance Disclosure information Residency criteria Initial Inquiry FORM Marketing & Sales Report Marketing Plan / Report Special Event Planning Checklist


General Occupancy Forms Application New Resident Orientation Service documentation Staff Communication Log Resident Assessment process Conducting assessment Pre-move in forms Admission team Admission team review Resident level of care Service notes Move-in process Move-in cost Move in procedure Resident service planning Developing resident services Service plan documentation Service plan revision Service plan revision policy Behavior Management Plan Managed Risk policy Managed Risk Agreement Managed Risk Agreement form Significant change service plan Staff communication Resident confidentiality Move out process Move out policy ACTIVITY PROGRAM Pre-move in activity / interest assessment Resident interests assessment Activity schedule Family Involvement Staff role in activities Community involvement Resident council meetings Family and friends council meeting Transportation assistance Volunteer program Volunteer Profile Activities and Interest Assessment form


Procedures for new residents medication administration record Medication self-administration Physician orders Verbal orders Reordering routine medications Reordering non-routine medications Medication procedures Medication packaging systems medications delivery Storage of medications Change of orders Discontinued orders Pharmacy services Resident flu vaccinations Resident health assessments Coordinating residents medical visits Coordinating health and lab services Health Service Forms Medication documentation record keeping Medication record form Standing order form LOA medication form PRN Medication form Medication error report form Reaction to medication form Self administration record form Medication destruction form Return to pharmacy form General Health Services Training Documentation Health Related Task Training Documentation Incident Report Medical Visit Form Medication administration Quality assurance checklist Residents Rights: Declaration of resident rights Elder Abuse and Neglect Checklist for resident records Initial health assessments Staff training procedures Staff training for health-related services Assistance with routine medications Staff assistance with medication administration General guidelines for medication assistance Health monitoring techniques Assisting with PRN medications Assisting with narcotic medications Refused medications Out of facility medications Disposal of medications Pharmacy reviews RN reviews Medication errors Medication Administration skills validation Monitoring / observation by staff Routine monitoring of weights and vital signs Resident record keeping


Independent Contractors Accounting Assets and liabilities Identifying Liabilities Cost Control practices Cost reporting Cost reporting checklist Resident Fund oversight Resident refund Expenditure report Dietary expense report Activity expense Inventory Record Transportation related expenses Salaries and pay roll taxes Contracted Services Daily Census reports


Emergency prevention and procedure Emergency preparedness training Fire Inspections Emergency fire plans Fire safety equipment Smoke Detectors/ Fire Alarm Systems Fire Sprinkler System Fire Extinguishers Emergency Evacuation plan Severe weather Tornado procedure Hurricane procedure Flood procedure Power outage procedure Fire arms possession by residents Other safety hazards possession by residents Work place violence Emergencies and advance directives


Medical emergencies First aid procedure vaccinations Universal precautions Hand washing Guidelines Guidelines for Wearing Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines for Wearing Other Personal Protective Equipment Disposable Gloves Health related tasks Laundry and infection control Housekeeping Tasks and Infection control Pest control Contaminated Surfaces Contaminated Equipment Food and Drink in the Workplace Hazardous waste disposal Employee at risk of exposure list Exposure control plan and procedure Exposure Determination Infection control training Compliance procedure Hepatitis B Vaccination Record Keeping Exposure control record keeping Incident and accident reporting Accident Investigation Report Employee Consent for physical exam Exposure Incident Document Fire Drill Documentation Incident Report Safety Committee Inspection


Building orientation Maintenance work area Maintenance supplies Maintenance of Key equipment Maintenance of landscape/ Community Grounds Corrective maintenance Preventative maintenance Maintenance on residence vehicles Pest control Pest control laws Disposal of hazardous waste Disposal of hazardous waste laws contractors Equipment inspections Building inspections Individual Unit maintenance Unit repair and replacement Safety guidelines and procedures Physical plant Staff work areas Hand tools and equipment Electrical Portable power equipment Touch-up painting procedures Staff Work Areas Storage of tools Maintenances forms Individual Unit Checklist Unit Maintenance Record Building Inspection Form Building Orientation Preventative Maintenance form Request for Repair form Pest control form


Dietary Information Food service staff Exceptional food service experience Professional conduct Sanitation Preventing food illness Menu planning ROLE OF REGULATORY AGENCIES Initial licensure Complying with all state and federal regulations Revocation of licensure Building a relationship with regulatory agencies


Housekeeping supplies and equipment Common area cleaning Safety procedures Common area cleaning Infection control procedures Hand washing guidelines Guidelines for wearing personal protective equipment Guidelines for wearing other personal protective equipment performing routine housekeeping tasks cleaning up contaminated surfaces cleaning contaminated equipment Disposable gloves Housekeeping laundry Cleaning tenant apartments Common area cleaning Resident laundry services Laundry procedures Resident housekeeping / laundry schedule Use of linens Lost and found Much more!



Customizing your assisted living policies to meet your state and federal regulations is a time consuming project that requires expertise and experience in the assisted living industry. We will create your state specific policy and procedures manual for assisted living. Each policy and procedures manual is customized for the approval of your state license. Our teams of health care professionals, administrators and editors have successfully written state specific policies and procedures manuals for 16 years. Our policy customization goes through a 5 step review process to ensure accuracy and completeness to address all regulatory areas



Compliance with state, federal and local rules and regulations that affect Assisted Living communities is vital to providing quality services, enhancing the reputation of your community, avoiding licensure revocation, denied renewal of licensure, and avoiding hefty fines and penalties. Our popular Quality Assurance guide is a customized handbook that helps assisted living communities to comply with all relatedlocal rules, state and federal regulations. Our manual is customized to target all areas of your community with compliance issues including admissions, risk management, emergency management, medication management, infection control, activity planning and programs, accounting & booking practices, human resource and much more. If your community is facing a state survey, has repeated violations or simply want to remain in compliance with all your local, state and federal regulations our manual will serve you well.